Thursday, 22 August 2013

(70): Your feedback

I am sure everyone is sick of the pictures coming from Egypt. As we mourn the dead ones among them, and pray that Allah brings an end to this conflict, here is the feedback I received from the readers on some of the issues discussed in this column.

On lateSheikh Isa Waziri: Indeed it was a great loss, a very big gap that won't be easy to fill, a father who was cheered and loved by all. We thank Allah for Sheikh Isa Waziri, we thank Him for those eminent scholars who died before him, may their gentle souls rest in Allah's Mercy, ameen.

One thing you didn't pointed out brother Jameel was that he was the first scholar to show the way to real practice of Islam in Kano and environs. Yes ! The efforts of Sheikh Qalarawiy won't be covered, he (Qalarawiy) spent much of his time exposing the innovations introduced into Islam consciously or sub-consciously by some scholars in Nigeria.

He suffered a lot from the hands of those who hate true practices of Islam, and he was the first scholar to challenge those in government to be fair in their dealings. An example was his efforts to correct the then Governor of Kano State Alh Abubakar Rimi in some of the utterances he made. He also did the same to the present Governor Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso during his first tenure; he did the same to Governor Shekarau. He fears no one when it comes to the truth and true application of Islam.

May Allah guide our living scholars to follow the foot-steps of the pious scholars ever in Islamic history, may our nations be free of violence and turmoil. Those who vowed to distract our peace may Allah engage them with themeselves and never give them victory wherever they emerge, O Allah. May your efforts be rewarded copiously.  Muhammad Sagir (Abul Masakin)

Many thanks for that tribute to Sheikh Isa Waziri, Wazirin Kano. You have said most of the important things about him. In a letter he wrote to my brother, who was then compiling his Master's thesis on the contributions of the Sheikh to the development of Arabic language in Nigeria, the late Sheik gave his date of birth as 1924. So those who said he died at 89 are more accurate. – Dr Saidu Ahmad Dukawa.

On Kiyakiya Flights for Umra goers: It reminds me of a dilapidated Kiyakiya I boarded in Calabar in the 1990s. As we passed by a passenger with her luggage, the bus had to reverse to pick her up. Guess what... the conductor had to drop, get under the bus and did something we didn't know... probably put the reverse gear, so the bus began to reverse. After picking the passenger, he went under again made an adjustment and the bus began to move forward again ... Allah ya tsare! Dr Farouk Sarkinfada-Faculty of medicine, BUK

Everything in Nigeria is done haphazardly to get a quick result. That is how the leaders always want things to be, because someone, somewhere is benefitting from the that .Things are allowed to degenerate in order to satisfy the greed of those in power and their foreign collaborators who help them to milk the country dry while drumming lies into our ears thinking that we are the fools. We are watching, there must one day be an end to this madness.-Balarabe Alkasim

On mobile phone as a urine laboratory: This is really an interesting innovation and a positive application of IT in solving problems. It reminds me of a research study I participated on developing a reference 'digital slide box' on the web that aids identification of various species of malaria parasites, another blood parameters, and for quality control of results. We need more of such innovations. I am only worried of how and when our brothers and sisters in some remote areas of the world could benefit from it. I am also concerned on how these tools could wipe away some manual toosl that we used in the past or currently using as back-ups to the 'digital tools'- Dr Farouk Sarkinfada, Faculty of Medicine, BUK


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